Ron Honyouti

Hopi Katsina
Doll Carver

A new katsina doll as of 11/01/03

Ronald Honyouti, the youngest of the four Honyouti brothers, is a world renowned artist who has lived most of his life on the Hopi reservation. His father, Clyde, and older brother Brian, gave him the aspiration to begin carving. Ronald has won numerous awards for his katsina doll (kachina doll) carvings.

Since there are very few carvings completed by this fine artist, gallery owners, private collectors, and fans are always anxious to see Ron at the next gallery showing or at one of the art shows where he displays his work.

Also shown on this site are katsina dolls by other members of the Honyouti family. At this time the katsina dolls carved by Ronald’s son, Mavasta, and by his father, Clyde. Clyde’s work is shown only for display purposes. His work is from the family’s collection and is not for sale.

Ronald Honyouti
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