Native American Souvenirs : Katsina Dolls

Kachina or katsina Dolls are a typical American souvenir in the form of small figures carved and decorated ornate, by native American Pueblo in Arizona and New Mexico, especially Hopi.

They represent ancestral spirits and are traditionally carved from cotton roots. These dolls were made by Hopi men and given to girls every year as they grew up as a way to teach them about ancestral spirits.
There are more than 200 different figures complete with colors, clothes, masks, and others. Everything has a special meaning. Traditionally, they were hung on the wall, but they are now often forced to stand. They are also a common souvenir in Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and nearby places in Southwest America.

A good quality doll is made with great attention to detail. Hence, the prices for Kachina Dolls are not cheap, around $ 200 which is the cheapest and usual one.

And if you want to find kachina dolls, you can see ronald honyouti creations. Because he made this one doll so well, here is a look at the picture :
ronald-honyouti-kachina-3 ronald-honyouti-kachina-2 ronald-honyouti-kachina